CarHagg's founders have a combined experience of over 30 years within the automotive industry. Throughout their professional lives they've literally worked on thousands and thousands of car deals in various areas of upper management. The impetus of a vision for developing a new car buying process was a seed that was planted as a thought many years ago. This vision solidified when CarHagg's Founders agreed to passionately commit their entire lives to creating an on-line car buying platform that would completely revolutionize the auto industry. From countless years of experience, its founders felt a deep obligation to evolve a new paradigm that will once again bring joy to individuals and families buying new cars across America. CarHagg is Changing The Way America Buys Cars.

The Auto Industry

Millions and millions of cars are sold to car buyers on a yearly basis. The auto industry is a giant revenue producer and contributes greatly to our national economy. From an aerial perspective, the industry is a mill that continually churns out car deal, after car deal, after car deal, with no end in sight. The perennial profit that this industry provides on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis continually produces a smile on the faces of professionals within the industry. Many enjoy the fruit of this labor and are greatly compensated for their part in whatever specialization of the auto industry they've dedicated their lives to.

At CarHagg, we deeply admire all hard working professionals within the auto industry that adhere to a high standard of professionalism and good ethics when dealing with customers. This sector within private business is a good occurrence and greatly applauded. Customers need cars and cars are being sold.

The Problem with The Auto Industry

On the other hand, the great production of this industry on a massive scale has caused many problems on the new car buyer's end of the business. The traditional methods of buying cars for car buyers has long been an antiquated process. Due to the massive output of this industry, the importance of the every day new car buyer has completely lost its value and luster. Car professionals, in general, for a variety of reasons, are not providing the proper etiquette and attention that is needed when handling new car buyers. The sales professional, when taken serious as a profession, is an ongoing study in an area of expertise that forces a skill set that requires an incredible amount effort that specializes in forging a strong connection and relationship between the sales professional and a potential buyer. This strong connection and forged relationship between seller and buyer, comes from many years of proper training for sales professionals within the auto industry. This training also focuses immensely on proper ethics. This formula, more often than not, has always produced high closing ratios and high percentages of satisfied new car buyers. The current new car buyer is not experiencing the proper levels of professionalism that are anticipated and are expected upon the purchase of a new vehicle.

New car buyers in general are not satisfied customers. Besides the industry's lack of commitment to the importance of proper training for sales professionals, it has also dropped its' guard by not excluding potential individuals that completely lack ethical content to their character. This is currently a critical problem for new car buyers in the United States because it creates a complete disconnect from expectation. During the sales process, new car buyers will particularly experience the frustration of an unethical sales professional when their needs assessment are not properly understood and when negotiations on final price begin to occur.

The Solution, CarHagg

As mentioned before, new car buyers are lost in the shuffle of such a massive industry. The respect and value for their contribution to the business is no longer appreciated. Then along comes a company like CarHagg and completely changes the car buying process. CarHagg is a creation that obliterates the traditional sales model that leaves the new car buyer at the mercy of unethical business practices within the industry. CarHagg understands every nook and cranny of the darker side of this business when it comes to the ethical treatment of a new car buyer. At CarHagg these practices no longer exist and are completely amputated from the traditional sales process. Our methods in comparison to other online car market place platforms, are second to none. We contribute to the overall production of the auto industry by continually churning deal after deal for new car buyers. The only difference being, once our customers take delivery of their new cars, they simply stare at the sky and embrace the warmth of the sun's rays for having had such a wonderful experience.

At CarHagg, our customers are greatly appreciated as first and foremost, human beings, with the courtesy and respect that they deserve as individuals with an identity that has to be respected. Carhagg solely aligns itself with the interests of our clients. At CarHagg, we vigorously dissected every part and portion of a new car selling transaction between new car buyer and new car dealer. Our online platform model completely amputates the new car dealers from controlling any portion of the sales transaction. We've placed the new car buyer from the "Hot Seat" to the "Driver's Seat". At CarHagg, our new car buyers are in full control of their purchase and will remain completely anonymous while holding all the leverage from selection to negotiation from the comfort of their home or office. Haggling practices are no longer a factor that can cause severe aggravation and anguish to new car buyers from unethical individuals within the industry. CarHagg has been a blessing to new car buyers across America. Our network of Dealer Affiliates are to be greatly applauded because they too share in the vision of raising the quality of ethical treatment that new car buyers deserve. At CarHagg, we save our customers time, money and aggravation. CarHagg is Changing The Way America Buys Cars!!!!!