Did you know?

"Car buyers are doing more of their own leg work online and spending less time at dealerships," says a CNBC special report.


CarHagg is designed to be easy and fun for both consumers and dealers. Our mission is to facilitate an efficient, friendly, and transparent car buying process online, changing the way America buys and sells cars.

Qualified CarHagg Buyers

CarHagg buyers are tech-savvy. They are typically the employeed middle to upper-class between the ages of 30-45. We have found that they are unlikely to buy a car using the phone, and prefer the CarHagg way — a friendly, low-stress experience without the haggling.

  • Our consumers buy a vehicle within 4 days on average.
  • They pay a $49 listing fee for 72 hours, and are therefore motivated to buy a car.
  • They will compare offers as they are seeking a fair, professional, transparent and competitive experience.

CarHagg Marketplace

We have built a car-buying platform whereby knowledgeable, friendly, and competitively-priced dealers win. Simply giving the lowest price does not guarantee you win the business, and that's not the objective of the CarHagg Marketplace.

Our Solution:

  • An agnostic, unbiased platform that connects only serious buyers ready to purchase and dealers ready to sell.
  • We protect our buyers by keeping them anonymous throughout the buying process.
  • We provide real-time pricing. Our certified dealer quotes are not auto-generated and allow our dealers to "sell" their quotes.

Dealer Process

Our dealer network is made up of quality dealerships who recognize the importance of reaching consumers online.

Here's how our process works:

  • Sign up free on our website, upload a personal photo (statistics show that dealers with photos are trusted more than dealers without photos!), and specify the services you offer.
  • When a buyer selects your dealership during the listing process, you will be notified to login and bid! We have found that responses within 2 hours increase your chances of success!
  • Make your best offer and be fair. Once your offer is accepted you have sold a car. You can use our comments section to explain your offer.
  • When your offer is accepted, the consumer will receive a certificate with your details and the offer.
  • The buyer will set an appointment and will bring in their CarHagg Guaranteed Price Certificate to finalize the deal. Getting them in the car and out the door fast is critical to a high rating!

It's Free!

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