Q. What is CarHagg?

CarHagg is an on-line marketplace that allows new car buyers to purchase their vehicles ANONYMOUSLY by comparing competing offers from various new car dealers that are trying to earn your business without ever having to visit a  dealership showroom. Throughout the process, the customer's identity remains ANONYMOUS while car dealers are placing bids that match the customer's specified vehicle without ever having to haggle directly with car dealers. CarHagg brings mental comfort to the car buying process for customers. CarHagg is "Changing The Way America Buys New Cars." It's HAGGLE-FREE. Remember " When Dealers Compete You Win!".

Q. How does it work?

The process will begin by the customer building their dream vehicle on our on-line marketplace. Choose the vehicle of your choice. Let us know the specifics of the vehicle you have chosen. Choose from a list of factory options such as: Year, Make, Model, Trim, Color and Options. Once you have created your new vehicle, simply continue the process by creating an account that will provide us with some brief personal information. Your personal information is confidential and will remain ANONYMOUS from new car dealers throughout the various offers you will be receiving. You will then proceed to pay a $49 Listing Fee. At this point, you will be asked to choose up to 8 dealers from our vast dealer affiliate network. These dealers will all be within a 100 mile radius of your home or office. And for the next 72 hours, these dealers will begin to actively engage and collectively compete with custom tailored real time buying offers in order to earn your business. Now you can sit back and relax in the comfort of your living room sofa, bedroom, balcony, poolside or office as these multiple offers begin to appear via your CarHagg account. Compared to traditional car buying methods, CarHagg will allow you to compare and choose the best new car deal that is suited to your liking. Throughout this new car buying process you will always remain ANONYMOUS. No one will know who you are nor have access to haggle you for your car purchase. CarHagg takes you out of the "Hot Seat" and puts you in the " Driver's Seat". Your identity will only be disclosed to the dealer of your choice, upon the acceptance of an offer of the car you've decided to buy. After your acceptance of an offer, print out your CarHagg Guaranteed Price Certificate from the comfort of your home or office. You will then take your certificate to the winning dealer and simply take your new car home with you. Congratulations!!!!! You are the newest member of the CarHagg family. We are " Changing The Way America Buys New Cars". You've just saved time, money and aggravation!!!!

Q. How is CarHagg different from it's competitors?

1. CarHagg is different from its competitors because it provides it's customers will real time custom tailored pricing offers. Most on-line car buying platforms give customers predetermined prices that are based on trends, algorithms and retro data. CarHagg uses a different approach that allows our customers to use an incredible amount of leverage at the precise moment they've decided to buy a car. Our process forces dealerships to vigorously compete for your business by providing visual transparency that will allow them to see each other's competing offers that are made to you. Your only job as stated before, is to sit back, relax and enjoy as dealerships scramble with competitive prices to earn your business in order to achieve their monthly percentage share of the market place by the manufacturer. Due to our extensive experience and compared to traditional methods, CarHagg feels this is currently the best possible car buying process made available for consumers. CarHagg is Changing The Way America Buys Cars!!! Its' Haggle-Free!!! And when car dealers compete, YOU WIN!!!

2. Some of our competitors protect your privacy. Some will not. At CarHagg, you can be rest assured that your identity will remain ANONYMOUS. CarHagg safeguards your identity throughout the entire process as multiple offers stream in from various dealers as you begin to contemplate the offer that you will soon accept. Carhagg has constructed a specialized process within our on-line marketplace that does not allow competing dealers to communicate nor have access to you. CarHagg values your identity and privacy and protects it all costs. Through CarHagg, the days of receiving annoying phone calls and emails that cause your head to spin are over.  Your identity and privacy is protected in order to amputate the usual frustration and fear that consumes customers via traditional car buying methods. Your identity will be exposed only when you have made your choice. Upon the acceptance on your behalf of an offer when you're good and ready from the comfort of your home or office and have made your buying decision, then and only then, will the winning dealership proceed to contact you in order to set an appointment for you to pick up your new car. Congratulations!!! It was a  Haggle-Free process and when car dealers compete, YOU WIN!!! CarHagg is Changing The Way America Buys Cars!!!

Q. Can I use CarHagg to buy a Used Car?

CarHagg currently does not have an on-line used car marketplace. CarHagg is committed to bringing the best possible car buying experience to market for all consumers to enjoy. At this moment, we are diligently at work collecting and reviewing data which will synergize an effort that will evolve and bring forth an on-line platform of exceptional quality which will fulfill this need for our consumers. 

Q. Are you a car dealer?

CarHagg is absolutely not a new car dealer. We are a web based on-line new car market place that assists and allows new car buyers to anonymously make purchasing decisions from the comfort of their home or office.

Q. When  should I use CarHagg to buy my new car?

The CarHagg online market place for new car buyers should be used when the new car buyer has committed to buying his or her new vehicle. Carhagg customers know what they want and it will provide a straight line approach to your purchase by eliminating all the emotional stress that new car negotiations will carry via traditional methods that are outdated, obsolete and continually position the customer from a weak position of leverage. We are not an educational site that provides informative automotive data such as periodicals of reviews or performances of specified vehicles. We have an inherent focus on continually improving the quality and service of the sales process experience for the new car buyer. 

Q. How much does it cost to use CarHagg as a new car buying service?

CarHagg charges new car buyers only $49 for using the service. Our on-line car market place allows you to review up to 8 offers from dealers bidding downward on pricing, attempting to earn your business. It's like being able to visit 8 dealership showrooms without having to physically appear in any of them until you've made your buying decision. Again, once you've decided to buy your new car and have accepted an offer from a competing dealer, you will be given a $50 Rebate for an Exit Survey from CarHagg after you've taken delivery of your new car. We are so confident of the quality of our service that we provide to our customers that CarHagg, when you do the math, is paying you to use our service. Yes, what you've read is true. The customer pays a nominal $49 fee for our service and we will disperse a $50 Exit Survey Rebate to the customer after they've taken delivery of their new car. Again, CarHagg is completely committed and focused to providing the best possible new car buying experience for consumers nation wide. The Exit Survey Rebate is an integral piece to this commitment that we cherish deeply as valuable data that will only help us further enhance and advance our on-line new car buying platform.

Q. Why is there a cost for using CarHagg's service?

Car dealers are inundated with thousands of inquiries and unqualified leads on a monthly basis. Our $49 fee immediately lets our vast network of dealer affiliates know that we have, through are on-line new car market place, an ANONYMOUS customer that is committed to taking delivery of a new car within 72 hours. This $49 fee acts as a filter and variable that immediately ignites competing dealers to ensure that this paying customer receive aggressive pricing discounts that will hopefully create a new car sale that will solidify their proportionate share of monthly and yearly market share objectives from the manufacturer. As stated before, CarHagg is not interested in profiting from the $49 fee. As a family, we would much rather pay $50 Exit Survey Rebates to consumers. The Exit Surveys are paramount to our continual growth.By acquiring this valuable feedback of experiences by consumers for using CarHagg, we can elevate the level of quality and service that we provide to our future new car buyers. CarHagg is Changing The Way America Buys Cars!!!

Q. Who sells the new cars on CarHagg?

CarHagg is building a large network of new car franchise dealers. This network is known as are CarHagg Dealer Affiliates. All of the Dealer Affiliates are manufacturer authorized independent new car franchises. Our network of Dealer Affiliates are committed to the CarHagg sales process for our customers and all understand that CarHagg is Changing The Way America Buys Cars. Besides new car customers, CarHagg greatly benefits new car franchises as well. This unique sales process that breaks apart from traditional methods, currently provides benefits that were never existent for these new car franchises. It helps create a paradigm through the formulation of our sales process that evolves an awareness to consumers on a massive scale, as to the existence of these new car franchises that perhaps a certain percentage of the public were completely oblivious as to their existence.This added benefit for new car franchises helps with the branding process that is key and paramount for the future long term success of a franchise. Our Dealer Affiliates have agreed to the CarHagg way of conducting business. At the end of the day, CarHagg and it's Dealer Affiliates work hand in hand in making the new car buying process pleasant, honest and transparent for all new car buyers. It's The CarHagg Way. CarHagg is Changing The Way America Buys Cars!!!

Q. How can I be sure the price will not change or if the dealer doesn't honor their offer?

CarHagg is with you every step of the way during the process. We will have staff on support that will assist you with any confusion that arises along the way. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we ensure that we're available to you during the buying process. Again, CarHagg has a relentless commitment to our car buyers. We will simply regroup and ensure that we'll hold your hand and create a clear path to your new car. We strive from a transparent buying experience for our customers and the biggest from of flattery for us is a completely satisfied customer. Our goal is for you to refer CarHagg to all your family and friends. Remember that our services is backed by our 100% CarHagg Satisfaction Guarantee. Our Dealer Affiliates are committed to this transparent an ethical process for our car buyers and must comply with our "No Surprises Policy". Our Dealer Affiliates agree to sell the car at their Offer Price an we tell them to expect to hear from you. Our Dealer Affiliates have agreed not to renegotiate the price when you arrive. If this were to occur, we would ask you to leave immediately and notify us. At this point, CarHagg will engage with the issue at hand.